Travel Humor Columns
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“Equal parts hilarity, witticism, sarcasm,
warmth, and compassion.”

Chapters include:

“Sometimes irreverent, sometimes insightful, but always right on the money and uproaringly funny.”
"A delightful rendezvous for the world weary
traveler as well as the armchair couch potato.”
“Once again, Mad Dog tickles our funny bone and keep us panting for more.”
“After reading Mad Dog's columns for years on his website and in newspapers across the country, it is a pleasure to finally read this compilation of his finest travel columns.”
  • An American Mad Dog In London
  • Slugging It Out In Oregon
  • Seeing The World Through A Viewfinder
  • It’s North, It’s White, But Is It Great?
  • Rules For Eating On The Road
  • Taiwan On....And On
  • Roughing It
  • Why Americans Get A Bad Rap
  • The Museum of Stripping Cowboy Vampires
  • A Trip To The Funny Farm
  • A Mad Dog In Bretagne (11 parts)
  • Philadelphia Phatness
  • Airports: Size Does Matter
  • Czeching Out Prague
  • Simplify Yourself
  • Aloha, Oy Vey!
  • How I Spent a Month in Paradise and Learned to Love the Smell of Burning Sugarcane
  • Playing Tourist
  • From Sea To Shining Sea (5 parts)
  • It’s The Culture, Stupid
  • Brand New Roadside Attractions
  • Havana, 1995
  • Secret Agent Woman
  • The Summer Of Safe Love
  • Home Is Where Your Passport Is
  • Great Vacation Expectations
  • Mexico, Where the Living is Isla
  • Dogestan, The Official City Of The New Millennium™
  • Scenes From The Desert
  • Littering The Streets With Art
  • Bali, Hi! (15 parts)
  • It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll, N’est Pas?
  • A Summer Vacation Guide
  • Fear And Loafing Outside Of Las Vegas
  • The Truth About Stereotypes
  • Danger Traveling Will Robinsons
  • Hijacked By A Tuk-Tuk Driver
  • Chiang Mai, oh my!
  • Tourist Attractions Of The Future
  • It’s Freezing Over, Is It Hell?
  • Sign Here
  • Is That A Durian In Your Pocket Or Were You Just In Singapore?
  • The Evolution of an Intelligently Designed Museum
  • I Left My Heart In A Casino That Looks Like San Francisco
  • Motto-Less In Iowa
  • Carless In Detroit
  • The Drunk ‘n Stuffed Museum
  • I Saw London, I Saw France
  • Inertia Is Your Enemy