Travel Humor Book
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"A delightful rendezvous for the world weary
traveler as well as the armchair couch potato.”

A Look at the World Through Travel and Humor

“Sometimes irreverent, sometimes insightful, but always right on the money and uproaringly funny.”
“Equal parts hilarity, witticism, sarcasm, warmth, and compassion.”
“Once again, Mad Dog tickles our funny bone and keep us panting for more.”
“After reading Mad Dog's columns for years on his website and in newspapers across the country, it is a pleasure to finally read this compilation of his finest travel columns.”

A unique, humorous, and insightful look at people, places, and cultures around the world, and that includes the good ole United States. There are tales from a four-week cross-country car trip featuring visits to the Voodoo Museum, Graceland, the Roswell UFO Museum, and Bongo Java, a coffee house in Nashville with an altar to a cinnamon bun that looks like Mother Theresa. There's the journal from a two-month stay in St-Malo, France, where Mad Dog discovered why he, as an American, was getting the cold shoulder. And it wasn't because of his bad Jerry Lewis imitation.

England • Bali • France • Prague • Cuba • Hawaii
Canada • Philadelphia • Las Vegas • Singapore • Taiwan
Dogestan, The Official City Of The New Millennium™

From meeting a Russian spy in Cuba to visiting the true Funny Farm in Bend, Oregon, from being a camping weenie to eating weenies while camping, this book captures the quirky side of the world around us. It even includes a series written during an 8½-month stay in Bali, where Anjing Gila (as Mad Dog was known in Indonesian) discovered the advantages to having everyone named one of only four names, not to mention the proper way to celebrate a White Rice Christmas.